The Food Intuitive


                         Rachel Willis-Smith

You can often eat more and weigh less
You can eat freely and joyfully
Your body may be able to eat 
so-called ‘bad’ or ‘fattening’ foods

The Food Intuition that Rachel guides is a one-off; it’s how your body is made  - from beginning to end - and aligning with it can bring you health, happiness and wholeness. For life.

I see wonderful changes unfold when people eat in alignment with their unique physical needs. I am not necessarily talking quantity - this is not a diet in the traditional sense - I am talking about what they eat.

Clients can see cravings vanish, energy return and ailments disappear.

Rachel receives these answers by reading your body’s energy like braille, and during a Food Intuitive session you will receive 5 pages of foods detailing what your body can and cannot tolerate, plus those that create optimum balance and holistic health. Each person is different, so each person has their own unique set of responses.

This wisdom can be your blueprint for life.

If you or your child - Rachel works with any age, provided parental consent is given to under 18’s - are currently experiencing:

- Skin complaints

- Digestive issues

- Anxiety

- Weight gain

- Chronic fatigue

- Insomnia

- Mood swings

And other health complaints, then consider a Food Intuitive reading.

The food you eat affects every part of your being, not just the outside.

Clients may want to look thin, but beyond that they want to feel thin, fit and healthy.

They want to wake up with energy, be able to complete their daily tasks with ease and look great in the process.

They want peace of mind; they want to know that they won’t be powerless to raiding the fridge in a frenzy for seemingly no reason, or to skin flare-ups even when they use non-parabens face creams, or to painful bloated stomachs at irregular intervals.

Sometimes people stumble across their perfect eating plan by accident - one of the numerous diets on the market fits their unique bodily requirements. They are the lucky, and it seems, rare ones.

Most people I meet spend years - and vast amounts of money - moving from diet to diet and wondering what they are doing so wrong. Frustration, fear and a sense of failure kick in for them. If only they knew how to understand their body better.

Eating just one tiny amount of a food that your body is intolerant to can trigger a cycle of misery, overeating and lethargy. This reaction can last weeks, and if the pattern is repeated it can span a lifetime. Purely because you are not aware of what your body does and does not welcome. Wouldn’t you like to become empowered to make choices that support your wellbeing rather than create more problems?

Food Intuitive Readings

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