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Food Intuition can be considered a different approach to the diet methods that seem to flood the media at every turn, so naturally you will be curious about whether it really works!

What clients say...


“Food has always been a source of concern for me, mainly because of my tendency to put on weight but also because of an undetected allergy to dairy products, which, being Swiss, were very present in my diet. When I was 20 I became a vegetarian.

Then, earlier this year, I was inspired by a friend who had been advised by Rachel on what food was good for her body, and contacted her, giving her nothing but my name to work from.

The list I got was very surprising. Most of my beloved vegetarian diet items came up as ‘toxic’ for my body (soya, beans, dairy products, nuts, most dried fruits). What suits my body is red meat, she said.

Since my life had been turned upside down anyway by my marriage breaking up, I felt I had nothing to lose in following that diet and put a stop to 36 years of vegetarianism.

It took a few months to get used to a new way of shopping/cooking/eating, but the results were very quick. I started losing weight without trying (a relief!!!), and got a lot of mental clarity, as if the ‘toxic’ food had fogged my brain. As Rachel had said, this new diet is also helping grandly with my intuition, which in my job, is a great asset.

With all this, I was able to clearly define what I wanted from life and somehow my marriage got back on track on a new, more balanced and committed level.

I’m a happy girl. Many many thanks indeed for Rachel’s gifts and presence. I value immensely her work and can only recommended her to whoever is ready for a transformative experience.”


“Even when I had thought I was eating healthily, I would often feel lethargic and sick after meals. I could not pinpoint the culprit foods and resorted to cutting out all sorts of common allergen foods. Rachel's reading told me I had made many incorrect assumptions about my body and now I am following the reading, I feel great after meals and have much more energy. Strangely, the foods I used to crave the most are the ones I am most intolerant to. Now I have cut them out completely, I rarely crave them. I feel I understand my body a lot more; something I've been trying to figure out my whole life.


“I'm 42 with 2 children one 12 and one 7 going on 17, anyway my oldest has a diagnosis of aspergers and ADHD as you can imagine life can be rather busy. 

About 8 months after my oldest was born I joined Weight Watchers and have been following one diet after another for the past 12 years. I would be lucky to lose 1/2 lb even if I followed he diet to the letter and exercised 5 times a week, I didn't understand it neither did the doctors or the Cambridge Diet (not one I would recommend). Anyway I came to see the lovely Rachel in January as I was very low and so zapped of energy I couldn't focus, she gave me a list of foods that I shouldn't eat, amazingly the list contained foods that were weight gain - I mean cabbage has been part of my main diet as it is free on diets and I like it, however, I am intolerant to it. Pork was another one ask any dieter ham features largely on the menu. These were very toxic to me and were clogging my gut.

Anyway after my major shock, having to give up coffee was the biggest I have lost 15 1/2 lbs in 3 months I feel amazing, I've had people comment on what has changed asking me if I've changed my hair colour or have been away. I say nothing physical has changed but inside there is a massive difference. I now have energy to deal with my sons battles with school everyday, the house is cleaner, homework is done. I won't lie it wasn't easy to change but boy was it worth it!!!

Thank you so much Rachel for changing my life I feel so special I'm now putting effort into myself once more.”


“There are 3 things in my life which I believe to have been the best investments I have made for myself – marrying my wonderful husband, sharing my home with rescue cats of many different ages, personalities and backgrounds, and having a food reading from Rachel.

Since having my reading and making very subtle changes to my diet I no longer feel bloated or have excess acid and my family, friends and colleagues have all said how good I look and want to know my secret!

I’m loving my new lease of life, I firmly believe that this is one of the best investments that I’ve made and would encourage everyone to have a reading. I can’t thank Rachel enough for the difference her intuition has made to my overall health and wellbeing!”


“I'd been struggling with anaemia for two years and tried every type of medication and supplement in the book when a relative recommended Rachel to me. Initially I couldn't believe that beef could be bad for my body, as doctors had been telling me to eat more and more, but after following my diet for a few weeks I noticed a marked difference in the way I felt. I no longer craved naps all the time and generally felt a lot lighter and less tired - no more headaches, dizziness and even less menstrual cramps. But I noticed the difference immensely when I ate something from my toxic list having cut it out - peppers and onions are definitely not what my body wants and I had an upset stomach for days! 

As well as making me feel healthy again, Rachel has been an eye opener in terms of making me take note of everything I put in my mouth. My body doesn't tolerate refined sugar and aspartame (an artificial sweetener) which makes me incredibly wary of all desserts, cocktails, and sweetened drinks. It's amazing how much junk is put into the food we consume, even fruit based products that are supposedly healthy. What’s more, I'm no longer anaemic, and not taking any medication.


“Your reading made me feel so loved and special. This was a food plan just for me. I have lost over a stone in two months. My blood pressure is now at a normal level. I have started a fitness program, I am so much better in myself and I walk without a stick. Best of all, I feel so comfortable with food.  From the moment I started I had no more cravings. Even wine and chocolate have not been a problem. It isn't easy with our busy social life but there is always something I can eat.

So I am free. I have given up counting calories, carbohydrates and points. Rachel, you gave me the advice I needed to lead a happy, healthy life. Thank you.


“I have stress-related IBS, hypoglycaemia, insulin resistance and asthma, and spent years being failed by conventional medicine. Rachel has an uncanny gift that has helped me change my life when I had all but given up hope. To the sceptic I would simply say – try it, and see for yourself.”


"I have always believed that what you eat and drink has a significant effect on your body and more importantly your future wellbeing, so I was fascinated to meet Rachel Willis and get a very different perspective from her on the foods that I should and should not consume. The results have been incredible - after 4 weeks I had lost 2 stone, feel so much better and more importantly know that this is sustainable for the rest of my life."


“A month ago, I started making adjustments to my diet based on the food intuitive reading I received from Rachel.  Instead of feeling restricted in my food choices, I feel liberated and empowered to know which foods work to optimize my body's functioning, not hinder it.  So far, I've lost one notch on my belt, I feel less bloated and I have more energy.  I've also noticed I'm not as hungry throughout the day and I have an increased ability to concentrate.  Thank you Rachel for giving me a life-long tool to manage my weight and bring balance to my body, mind and spirit.”


“A friend of mine recently had a reading by Rachel and was amazed at the difference the small changes had made to her health and well being.  We discussed the changes and she encouraged me to contact Rachel for an intuitive reading.

I had suffered for years with abdominal pain and severe bloating.  I am usually a comfortable size 10, but when the bloating became so very noticeable, I had to wear size 12 and 14 clothes to cover it up.  My GP had prescribed medication to ease the pain and bloating, but this only had mild success.

My aim was to stop taking the medication as I felt this would have a build up of toxins in my body.  When Rachel did my reading, one of the things that I needed to consider cutting out was wheat.  I immediately cut this out of my diet and can happily say within days, I no longer had to take any medication!

She also advised me on foods which gave me instant weight gain, and which products could prove toxic to my body.

Being aware of the impact of food on my body and health and helped me immensely.  In fact my boyfriend also decided to have a reading too, and has really felt healthier for the changes that Rachel recommended.

This was a very small price to pay for having such a life changing impact on me - and to be medication free is indeed a massive success.  Thank you Rachel!”


“I contacted Rachel for assistance when after reading so many books about raw food I was even more confused because I was having cravings, I didn't understand and it became very frustrating.

I am anorexic since I'm 12 yrs old, and recently a few years ago was diagnosed with skin cancer. What we eat is a major factor not just for our physical body but mentally and emotionally as well. Rachel's food reading is my survival guide and it's for my body.

This is very empowering for me and because it's unique to my body needs this makes me feel special. I'm feeding myself with Love is what I've realized and it feels great!!

Every day is a new experience yes I do understand that this a process and my food guide is the best tool I could ever have.

Bless you Rachel”


“I want to thank you for your services recently in guiding me towards better energetic choices in the foods I eat. 

I have been a healthy eater for a very long time, having been a competitive athlete in the past. However, I did not realize that, as I endeavored to develop the mind and spirit part of my health, this part of me might need an even keener eye kept on my diet than when I was training physically. At a subtle level, we all know everything is energy, and it only makes sense to harmonize ourselves with the food that best serves us as we develop skills at mindfulness, meditation, and spiritual connection.


Since receiving the information a little more than a month ago, I have noticed less fluid retention and better focus on anything to which I choose to direct my attention. My urine, which had always been cloudy, is now clear. My energy is more steady, deeply rooted and yet more energetically light than ever. My mind is more easily directed to the present moment as well.  


Seeing the benefits of a "personalized" dietary plan, I am now even more sensitive and attuned to helping my own clients with personalized plans for their own health. Rachel makes it clear that one plan does not work for all; that we are unique individuals, and is here to remind us clearly of that with a pure intent of love and light.”  


“I can’t remember how I found Rachel but I was so intrigued, it came at the right time for me as I was ready to refine my diet further and I immediately emailed her.

I know I am a very sensitive person and a lot of people don't understand why I cant eat certain foods without a reaction. I have spent thousands of pounds on my nutrition education and yet obviously still wasn't fully in touch with exactly what my body needed. I think it is tough for the sensitive person, because we are continually taking on a lot of sensory info including other peoples' energies.

I don't know how Rachel does it. She didn't need to ask me any questions at all. I was ready to follow the plan though. My plan could be considered quite "restricted", however, it feels so liberating to feel so great! I didn't realise the extent certain foods were toxic to me. I now am eating more carbs than I could handle previously, which is ace. My weight has gone down 1kg in 2 weeks, eating more than ever. I think this is mostly fluid retention from my waist (I am not someone looking to lose body fat, just to increase energy and level my hormones).

She is a star, the best £85 I have spent. Thank you so much Rachel.”


I am 44 years old and I have always had stomach issues as far back as I can remember. My Mother, thankfully, realised I was allergic to milk and helped me find suitable substitutions. However, the draw to dairy was too strong, and I continued to eat cheese and be in constant pain. 

6 years ago, I finally took the leap and became vegan. I felt much better at first, but then noticed I was still having digestion issues. I stopped drinking alcohol and carbonated drinks and it helped a bit, but still the stomach pain continued.

I had heard so many wonderful things about a whole foods diet, so I decided to eat only unprocessed foods for the month of January 2015 to see if it would help my digestion and energy levels. Instead, I found that I was constantly bloated, cramping, constipated and in a lot of pain.

I contacted Rachel and asked her to read my body. She promptly replied with my list of foods and it was very restricted. I have to admit I was depressed to see how little I could eat. No fruits, no nuts, no beans, no soy, no gluten and so many other things. After the initial shock wore off, I realised that there were many things I could eat that I really enjoyed. French fries were fine and didn’t make me gain weight, roasted sunflower seeds and other yummy seeds were great for me. My love to try new recipes kicked in and I quickly found new yummy recipes that were delicious and satisfying.

The first month was very emotional as I detoxed from all the intolerant foods that I was eating. After the first few weeks, I started losing weight and feeling really light and good. Many people (totally separate from each other) would tell me how I was glowing and looked radiant! I felt wonderful and best of all my stomach pain was gone!

Every so often, I found foods that were not on the list and would ask Rachel if I could eat them or not. Each time, she replied quickly and with a kindhearted reply. She is a joy to work with.

Thank you Rachel for everything you have done to help me enjoy my life to the fullest! My life is wonderful now because of your amazing work!”


“I suffered from digestive and skin problems for most of my life - I’m 70 years old.

All of them cleared up since I followed Rachel’s advice over the last few years, and I feel so much better in myself too.

Since then, many of my friends and family have had their readings, and it’s especially good to know my grandchildren can grow up healthy from the start.”

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