The Food Intuitive


                         Rachel Willis-Smith


Are you feeling bloated or unable to shift those excess pounds? Tired all the time? Unhappy, anxious or irritable?

Rachel is gifted with the ability to intuit the foods your body is intolerant to, as well as those you can eat in abundance to bring you greater health and wellbeing.

As a result, she helps coach countless people to look and feel great without the self-blame, judgements or fear of food that many diets can create.

In her experience, it is NOT your fault, you simply don’t yet know how your unique body needs you to eat. But soon you can.

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“Dear Rachel, I am delighted with my new eating plan and wanted to let you know how I've been getting on. It's been nearly five weeks since I received your food reading and I have lots of feedback for you!

I experienced no detox symptoms at all and by day two off all stimulants I became very calm and that has stayed with me. I did not realise just how jittery and wound up I was until I experienced the contrast.

I feel great now pretty much all the time and have stopped feeling exhausted, dizzy and faint when I'm out and about.

The goitre-like swelling on my throat, which affected my swallowing at times, went on the second week of the diet. My joints are less sore. My thinking is more focused and I am not losing my train of thought mid sentence. 

My digestion has improved greatly. Before I emailed you I could actually feel the food in transit, moving slowly through my intestines and it felt painful, like the gut had become inflamed or irritated. That disappeared within a few days. Which I am very grateful for, it was an uncomfortable sensation!

Overall my quality of life has improved greatly - all thanks to you.

I don't have to spend so much time and energy trying to figuring out what I can eat. It was literally driving me crazy. I am so happy to have new, tasty foods to add to my diet which had gotten incredibly limited and boring over the years - since I started reacting badly to nearly everything I ate.

I will keep you posted of my progress as the diet progresses and I hope to send an email to you in the very near future saying that I am totally, perfectly healthy and well again.

I cannot thank you enough.

The Food Intuitive

You can feel whole, energised and light
You can heal hunger pangs
You can wave goodbye to guilt, cravings and fatigue

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